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Laura Laciniati

​​Laura Laciniati is an accomplished and classically trained artist, she has expertise in special effects make-up and props, set and costume design, classical and mural paintings and even puppetry for children.




Born in Milan, Laura graduated from the Academy of Belle Arti of Brera in Italy with a  cum laude Diploma in Set Design, after completing her  thesis “Study of the technical evolution of animation” at Walt Disney Studios.  Her Italian credits include exhibitions of her work at the Cafiso Art Gallery in Milan in 1994 and the Villa Litta Visconti Borromeo in Lainate (Varese) in 1998.  She also won First Prize for several murals she completed in Milan for the Foundation Giuseppe and Carlo Girola and Ida Stucchi.  Laura went on to direct the artistic remodelling, retouching and repairing of existing works of art  inside the “Theater Stabile of Insubria” in the town of Lanzo d’Intelvi .




In addition to her painting in Italy, Laura lent her talents to the musical “Pinocchio” as an Assistant Designer in 1997 and as a Set and Costume Designer for Sergio Cosentino’s plays “Bruna Eva da via” and “Quel Tranviere chiamato Desiderio”.  The latter play in 2007 starred the famous Italian and Swiss actors Enrico Beruschi and Yor Milano. The play was so successful it was later broadcast by RTSI (Swiss Italian Television). 




In 1995, Laura fell in love with the United States when she won a contest with Walt Disney Attractions, Inc and became a Chalk Artist at the Italian Pavilion-Epcot Center at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.  She continues to enjoy painting large-scale murals such as one done for the premier of the movie “G-Force for Walt Disney Motion Pictures Special Events and the Fairfield YMCA “Connected Corridor” project in Long Beach, both completed in 2009. 




Although she had also been doing special effects make-up and prop design for more than six movies and theatre productions in Italy, Laura took her talent to a new level when she graduated from the Cinema Make-up School in Hollywood, California in the Spring of 2008.  In 2009, she worked with Leonard Engleman, well-known makeup artist of Alfred Hitchcock, Silvester Stallone, Meg Ryan, Val Kilmer and many others.



 Laura Laciniati’s creative expressions may be seen currently in works completed for Robotic Skins Shop by Michael Traxler (North Hollywood), Obscure Artifacts by Jeff Farley (Van Nuys), The Creature Company by Lino Stavole (Los Angeles) and CIFX Studio by Ron Pardini (Santa Fe Springs), KNB effects by Greg Nicotero.


Make up teacher of : Beauty, Theater Makeup, Bodypainting and Special Effects for :



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